Forklift Tracker & Collision Warning RTLS System

Forklift Tracker RTLS System Helps Make the Most of Your Lifting Equipment

Real-Time Updates With an Active RTLS Forklift Tracker

How Forklift Tracker RTLS Works?

Data Analysis of Forklift & Lifting Truck Usage

  • The routes the operators take
  • The time that tasks take to complete
  • Which operators finish the most orders
  • Which operators get speed or pedestrian warnings
  • Comparison charts across the vehicle fleet (utilization, efficiency, etc.)
  • Vehicle ID numbers
  • Assigned operator
  • Current speed

Reducing the size of your fleet

Increasing forklift utilization

  • Assigning tasks to forklift operators remotely via a display screen in the vehicle
  • Seeing who is doing what task at a glance through our map overlay of your warehouse floor
  • Looking for inactive vehicles, so you can either contact the operator or send out a new task
  • Tracking the movement of product and knowing each item’s exact location

Optimizing forklift capacity

Optimizing forklift routes

Forklift collision warning: Stay safe with forklift proximity alert feature

Speed limiter

Real-time forklift tracking systems are vital for the modern business

  • Real-time location display and recording
  • Data analytics (that yields to utilization and route optimization)
  • Task assignment & workflow management
  • Workplace safety (pedestrian proximity alert, speed warning, etc)

Stay current and competitive!



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