Forklift Tracker & Collision Warning RTLS System

Forklift Tracker RTLS System Helps Make the Most of Your Lifting Equipment

You can trim down business expenses with improved utilization of your forklifts and lifting trucks with the Litum Forklift Tracker RTLS.

Real-Time Updates With an Active RTLS Forklift Tracker

The Litum RTLS System allows businesses to keep track of their assets within a defined work area. This area is made up of an invisible network monitored by ultra-wideband active RFID receivers installed around the warehouse floor, dock, or a yard.

How Forklift Tracker RTLS Works?

This RTLS network of receivers picks up signals sent from RFID tags attached to company assets and operators. Such signals are converted into location data using various algorithms such as time difference of arrival, time of flight, and trilateration.

Data Analysis of Forklift & Lifting Truck Usage

From the end-user point of view, Litum’s RTLS platform is simple to use and interpret. We make a point of providing a user-friendly data analysis platform with an intuitive visual display. You’ll be able to review the utilization history of forklifts and lifting trucks in your fleet. The system gives you the option of tracking their operators as well. With our reports, monitor:

  • The time that tasks take to complete
  • Which operators finish the most orders
  • Which operators get speed or pedestrian warnings
  • Comparison charts across the vehicle fleet (utilization, efficiency, etc.)
  • Assigned operator
  • Current speed

Reducing the size of your fleet

Speaking of cost, a large warehouse can have up to a dozen or more forklifts and similar vehicles in operation at a time. This big fleet means a big impact on your budget. Businesses have money invested in the purchase or leasing of vehicles, maintenance, electricity for recharging, and the expense of extra workers to operate those vehicles.

Increasing forklift utilization

Some of our system functions allow managers to assign tasks and analyze vehicle usage with an aim towards improving efficiency. When you are better able to use your existing equipment, you may not need to keep as many vehicles on the floor.

  • Seeing who is doing what task at a glance through our map overlay of your warehouse floor
  • Looking for inactive vehicles, so you can either contact the operator or send out a new task
  • Tracking the movement of product and knowing each item’s exact location

Optimizing forklift capacity

Optimizing forklift routes

With the old way of doing things, operators were forced to figure out the best routes to take across the floor on their own. Sometimes, they would have to backtrack because of other vehicles, pedestrians, or even pallets that were in the way. This wasted valuable time that could be used to fill other orders.

Forklift collision warning: Stay safe with forklift proximity alert feature

Each year, forklift operators are involved in collisions and accidents. The nature of driving heavy-duty equipment while also carrying a bulky load is inherently risky. Visibility may be hindered by the load, and forklift operators have to be aware of pedestrian workers and other forklifts operating in the area. It’s nearly impossible for a human to manage this at all times.

Speed limiter

Litum forklift tracking software is also able to detect forklift and lifting truck speed. This opens up the possibility of setting speed limits and enforcing them within controlled areas. You can limit the speed at which forklifts travel throughout the warehouse or yard, and also set lower speed limits for pedestrian areas.

Real-time forklift tracking systems are vital for the modern business

It’s essential for businesses in this field to be at the top of their game. Those lacking in any area can fall behind and lose out on big contracts. Litum’s RTLS allows businesses to remain as productive as possible with features like:

  • Data analytics (that yields to utilization and route optimization)
  • Task assignment & workflow management
  • Workplace safety (pedestrian proximity alert, speed warning, etc)

Stay current and competitive!

Forklift tracking solutions improve your business and reduce costs, You’ll be able to cut down on accidents, wasted man-hours, and even unnecessary vehicles. With the Litum Forklift Tracker system installed at your facility, you will remain competitive in an industry that is always making use of new technologies.

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