Automated Social Distancing Solutions Without Any Infrastructure Investment

3 min readMay 6, 2021

Social distancing is a critical part of our lives with the pandemic new rules of the world. Remote working is an option, but not for all, pandemic safety of employees working in the service industry and their contractors must be ensured. In large production facilities, businesses may need extensive solutions, but in daily routine, there is a practical & low-cost option for this: Tag-to-Tag Solution.

The pandemic has caused a massive change in how companies operate from having staff work at home to implementing social distancing rules and practices. Rather than slowing operations down, these new changes have shown just how creative and adaptable businesses are when faced with unexpected challenges.

Tracking technologies have proven invaluable to businesses and organizations that want to ensure social distancing in the workplace and between customers. Specifically, the use of tracking tags has allowed companies to enforce social distancing requirements without added security or staff hires purely for this purpose.

These small batteries powered tags use Ultra-Wideband (UWB) signals to monitor the distance between contractors, customers, or employees in a commercial space. If two or more individuals get within the minimum six-foot distance for social distancing, the tags send out sound alerts and/or vibrate until the contractors, customers, or employees back up to the appropriate distance.

What is Ultra-Wideband? & How Tag-to-Tag Solutions Offer Low-Cost Social Distancing Solutions

Tracking tags, like many other kinds of technology, send and receive signals using UWB radio frequencies. These frequencies are within a specific bandwidth that other technologies, like WLAN and ISM radio bands, don’t use, so businesses don’t have to worry about interference with pre-existing communications systems. In a nutshell, this business solution works with the basic location tracking logic of the technology we use in our smart devices. For example, the UWB frequencies Litum uses are within 6.25–6.75 GHz.

Even better, companies don’t need to invest a lot into paying for or setting up a complicated system when using tracking tags. An excellent option for temporary and short-term social situations, wearable tracking tags only require an investment in the tags and the embedded firmware.

These tags don’t require added hardware, like monitors or computer servers. Nor do they require oversight by other staff or managers. Tracking tags work independently with little to no input needed, which is highly beneficial for a company looking to increase pandemic safety without major budgetary impacts.

Standard Usage of Tracking Tags in a Business

Tag-to-tag solutions offer businesses an easy way to meet social distancing requirements. The devices are simple and don’t require a lot of training for anyone to use. Even contractors and customers who visit a commercial facility for a short period during the day can just grab a tag and go.

Tag-to-Tag Usage in the Workplace

When employees arrive for the workday, they can pick up a wearable tag at the front desk or security before entering the facility. Or tracking tags are handed out to staff for the long-term, for who is then responsible for using and keeping their tags powered up.

Staff members wear the tags during the day on lanyards or belt loop attachments to help them remain mindful of proper social distancing. At the end of the day, they can leave the tags in their offices or drop them off at a designated spot for sanitization and recharging, as needed.

Ensure Workplace Safety with Litum

Our skilled consultants guide business clients in the selection of the appropriate tracking technologies to help them maintain pandemic safety requirements. As our tag-to-tag solutions have an especially low barrier for investment and training they are a premier choice for meeting social distancing requirements.

Whether the challenge is maintaining daily operations at a medium-to-large business in the industrial arena or assisting a retailer or gym owner in increasing customer safety, our technologies provide the solution. Those who are interested in learning more about our tag-to-tag solutions, reach out to Litum about improving pandemic safety through real-time tracking systems.




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